Edmontonians: Here’s How You Can Help Migrants in the USA

I’m familiar with feeling powerless.

It’s an emotion I’ve felt countless times before when I was deep in my depression. That all-consuming feeling of drowning that freezes your limbs, your brain, your soul.

Right now, I feel that the entire world is feeling this powerlessness. We’re all watchingstuck in timeas a madman with a combover has taken a flawed policy started by a “benevolent” leader and ran amok with it.

(A policy that’s been decades in the making, really. Through the passing of Bill Clinton’s  anti-immigrant bill “IIRIRA,” through the creation of ICE by George H.W. Bush, through Barack Obama’s deportation of nearly 3,000,000 migrants. They are to blame for this shitstorm, too.)

presidential dicks

The continued terrorism of migrants going into the USA is inciting so much angst and heartbreak that the air is heavy with it; thick with this sad, foreboding, powerless feeling.

Me siento inútil y no sé qué hacer.

Reading horror story, after horror story of what these migrants are going through is not only important, but necessary. Ignorance is a luxury none of us can afford right now.

People are rationalizing the abuse and siding with the devil. People are apathetic and numb and so quick to forgive these transgressions. Others are rightly sick with their grief; paralyzed to the point of hopelessness. I say this because I’m at that point, too.

But, please, if you’re there with me, don’t give up.

Know that you have more power than you realize. It can feel disheartening when you live an entire country away from the border, when you’re not allowed to vote, when you’re broke or sick and have nothing to give—but know that you do.

We compiled a list of things you can do to fight against this evil, so if you’re feeling numb and heartbroken, read on. You have more power than you realize.

Use your voice.

Marches were held worldwide on June 30, with countries as far as Colombia joining. There was even a march planned in Edmonton that both of us attended.

Women’s March Canada is even encouraging people to sign a petition, or contact their MPs. It’s never too late to do these things.

And, if you have family in the USA (like I do), contact them and encourage them to get in touch with their local representatives.

If you have the means, please make a donation.

Chrissy Teigen started a campaign last month, encouraging people to donate as little as $7.20 to “honour” the cheeto on his 72nd birthday. There’s several organizations you can donate to, including the ACLU, but here’s a list of other organisations that are helping migrant families during this time.

Take heart that others feel the way you do.

I’ve felt this very powerlessness for years now.

I remember reading about tiny child migrants and knowing in my heart of hearts that I had to do something to help those tiny brown angels; some as young as 18 months, others as old as 17, but all of them children.

Brown, terrified, and loved beyond measure by their mothers and fathers who are so desperate to save them, they would rather risk taking them to The Land of Dreams, than losing them to violence, extortion, and famine.

So spread the word and lift your chin.

We have more power than we realize.

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