This website was born out of a need to facilitate a discourse about how everything — fashion included — is political.

As racialized people, this is something we have had to contend with our entire lives, because try as we might to exist simply, we learned that “living simply” is a luxury not afforded to radicalized communities.

Every choice we make, from where we shop to where we boycott, what we choose to call ourselves and even what we eat, carry political implications, whether we recognize them or not. As women, the fact that everything is political becomes even more apparent as even the most seemingly mindless choices we make are scrutinized; As women of colour, even our physical appearance is politicized.

Salty Muxeristas is a safe space for our melanated sisters, but is also a tool for people of all backgrounds to come together to learn, share, hold space, celebrate, and sometimes even grieve as we work together to create a more equitable and inclusive world.

Photo by Jeanette Sesay

Salty Guadalupe

Salty Guadalupe is an Edmonton-based writer. She has two children who are the loves of her life, and a stray-cat turned pampered-princess named Frijoles.

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Salty Mars

Salty Mars immigrated to Canada in 1991 and grew up in Edmonton. She writes and edits in her spare time when she’s not obsessing over her cat, Catalina.

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Photo by Jeanette Sesay